Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Venture Vote

Word on the street: Boston's venture capitalists--a not insubstantial group--are for Romney. Reason: his zeal to cut capital-gains taxes. And because he's "one of them". They apparently don't believe the new social-conservative Romney is the real Romney. Perhaps time won't tell.

In other Romney news, how inconvenient that Gordon Hinckley, the Mormon Church president, died last week. Attending the service reminds everyone of Romney's Mormonism, not to mention taking time away from Super Tuesday campaigning. The issue will persist through the spring: the next head of the Church must be appointed.

Moving on to Romney's alma mater...There are apparently three "Ms" for getting into Harvard Business School. McKinsey, Mormonism and the military. Presumably that became standard after George Bush went through. Or does the National Guard count?

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