Saturday, February 16, 2008

Obama and the evangelicals

Can McCain capture the evangelical vote, or will they all stay home in November? Polprint would like to suggest a third possibility. If the matchup is Obama-McCain--and that is of course far from decided--some evangelicals could switch over to the Democratic column.

True, McCain holds conservative positions on abortion, stem cell research and to an extent on gay marriage (he opposed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage but supported a ban in his home state of Arizona). But that is hardly the only issue at stake. Not all evangelicals think Iraq was a good idea. And McCain's heart clearly is in national security, not abortion and the rest. He seems rarely to mention Christianity in his speeches, though he often closes with “God Bless”.

Obama does not flaunt his religion on the stump either. But he has written eloquently in Dreams From My Father about finding his way to Christianity during his 20s. His voice and message reach back to the Rev Martin Luther King. Also, aren’t evangelicals all about hope?

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