Thursday, February 7, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Mitt

Washington is broken, and now there is no one to fix it. The Bay State is sorrowing over the “suspension” of campaigning by its former governor.

Here’s the (multi)-million-dollar question--What should Mitt Romney do now? He’s got lots of experience: boss of a big consultancy; turnaround genius of the Winter Olympics; tamer of liberal Massachusetts.

Please, everyone, jump in...

1) Return to Bain. Replenish financial trove...for another run in 2012.

2) Head of Societe Generale. Institution with urgent need to change course could use someone clever with numbers and management.

3) McCain’s VP. Not.

4) BFF with John Edwards. Start support group for rich guys with good hair who should have been president.

5) Go hunting. For real. With Scalia.

6) Pass torch to Tagg.

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