Tuesday, February 5, 2008

At the ballot box

Polprint has cast her ballot, and was duly rewarded with an "I voted" American flag sticker. It was somewhat disconcerting that none of the nice old ladies at the booth asked for an ID, or even proof of residence.

Weather report from Massachusetts: A cold, nasty rain has been falling since last night. Shouldn't make much difference though--voters here are hardy.

Whatever the final outcome tonight, it is sure to be close, at least on the Democratic side. And that is a victory for democracy. States like Texas that normally are only courted for their fundraising dollars will get a real say in the outcome. And having had a taste of relevance, they may not so docilely line up last in 2012. Shaking up the primary process--and diminishing the stranglehold of two of the smallest and whitest states in the country, New Hampshire and Iowa--would be a great thing.

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Jean said...

Polprint's sister voted too (yesterday), but she did not get an "I voted" sticker. Democrats Abroad only offered an oreo.