Friday, February 22, 2008

Post-game analysis

Other pundits have said it first, and Polprint must agree: last night's debate in Austin was a draw. Clinton got in one dreadful line ("change you can xerox"), and one brilliant, emotive closing--which she has spent today vehemently denying was a go-gently-into-the-night farewell.

Obama rambled in a few spots but overall held the line, which was his goal. Did anyone else notice that pages from his notepad kept flapping up in a distracting manner? Presumably a burst of air was trained on him, which may have been especially irksome since he is just recovering from flu.

One surprise: no mention of climate change or even energy policy (according to a scroll of the debate transcript). Perhaps the candidates and moderators got too hung up on health-care. Polprint also wonders how worried corporate America is by Obama's opposition to NAFTA and other free-trade deals in the absence of acceptable environmental and labor standards.

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