Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Onward to the Potomac

Briefly, a few stories of note as we head into tonight's “Potomac Primary”:

*Clive Crook’s entertaining excoriation of Clinton’s candidacy in the FT. Two friends sent this my way (which is two more than usual)...so it must be good.

*A piece in the New York Times about how Clinton is perceiving Texas and Ohio as must-win states--especially if she does badly this evening in Virginia, Maryland and DC. Apparently even some of her superdelegates, who can change their minds anytime, are starting to have second thoughts. That seems rather traitorous at this preliminary stage.

*Finally, the VEEP speculation for McCain is picking up. The AP has a good list, which includes Charlie Crist, the governor of Florida. Polprint's view is that McCain will not choose Huckabee: while Huckabee would firm up some of the evangelical vote, he seems too much of a greenhorn on foreign affairs for McCain's taste.

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