Saturday, February 2, 2008

Democratic endorsements

What has happened to Bill Richardson and John Edwards? Richardson, after pulling out post-New Hampshire, said he expected to make an endorsement shortly. No sign of that, although Bill Clinton has secured a coveted seat next to Richardson while watching the Super Bowl. Clinton must have high hopes, because their appointed meetingplace--the 500-person ski town of Red River, NM--is 100 miles from Santa Fe. Why else venture into the middle of nowhere two days before Super Tuesday?

As for Edwards, his refusal to endorse seems both pragmatic and churlish. He clearly has a favorite--his siding with Obama in the pre-New Hampshire debate may have given Clinton and inadvertent boost. But if Obama is derails on Super Tuesday, then Edwards may be wise to keep quiet. He'd make a fearsome Attorney General for either of his erstwhile rivals.

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Jean said...

I give Edwards near-zero odds of AG. A plaintiff-side lawyer as AG would ruffle far too many feathers.