Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Faithful readers will know that Polprint has long favoured Jim Webb of Virginia for an Obama's VP pick. (In fact, she has a family bet riding on it.)

In looking for more information about Webb, Polprint turned of course to the most trusted source on the Internet: Wikipedia. The interesting aspect of the entry is Webb's Navy Cross citation while serving in Vietnam. Apparently that is the second to top honor in the navy.

Webb's actions were extraordinary. He led the approach to three different bunkers (as part of the same action, on the same day). At the first bunker, he captured several soldiers who emerged from the bunkers; at the second and third, grenades were pitched at him but he somehow avoided them and searched or destroyed them.

Readers are strongly recommended to read the citation for themselves.


Beecham said...

Would this be a problem?
(Article on Huffingtonposton Jim Webb's baggage)
It's all old news, of course.

Kate said...

Good point. This does seem worrying--especially, as the Huffington Post says, in a year when a woman stands a good shot at the top of the ticket. (Would Webb admit that a woman could be commander-in-chief? I guess he hasn't actually endorsed anyone yet, so perhaps.)

Playing devil's advocate...such views might make the ticket more palatable to the old guard (ie, men).

I wonder what McCain has said on the subject in years past.

Kate said...

Here we have it on McCain. He's taken the Webb stance and does not appear to be changing his mind.,0,5521290.story