Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Forgotten Congressional campaigns

Coverage of Obama and Clinton and (sometimes) McCain dominates the front pages. For a political junkie like Polprint, that should mean that the cup runneth over. But Polprint confesses to being a bit frustrated. Aren't there other campaigns happening, too? For inconsequential posts like Senator or Congressman?

Polprint has yet to see a front-page analysis on vulnerable Senate or Congressional seats (not to mention governorships)--how many, what states, and so forth. Case in point: the New York Times story today on how this week's Mississippi special election, won by a Democrat in a conservative district, is a warning shot to Republicans everywhere. But what are the six vulnerable Senate seats that the article mentioned? Readers, are you up on this?

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Beecham said...

No! not up on this. Polprint, can you get us up to speed?

Congressional seats might include the open seats of retiring Reps. Kenny Hulshof in Missouri, Jim McCrery in Louisiana, Steve Pearce in New Mexico, and Terry Everett in Alabama.

But I've seen the 6 Senate seats figure mentioned elsewhere. This piece suggests that the Democrats may pick up Senate seats in Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, and New Mexico, and that Alaskan senator Ted Stevens is vulnerable to Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich ( That's 5.