Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Ballad of Eliot Spitzer

Okay, so it's not quite a ballad...Polprint has been practicing her limericks in anticipation of a St Patrick's Day party. Feel free to add a verse!
There once was a governor named Spitzer
Who knew that he shouln't have kissed her
But he booked a suite
It was quite a treat
And now he's the talk of Wolf Blitzer.


Sarah said...

Client, Client Number 9
Amtraks south his concubine
Will it be jail or just a fine?
Client, Client Number 9

If you don't recognize the source you didn't grow up on Ordway St in DC.

Kate said...

Excellent...anyone else?

TD said...

He snuck away before Valentine’s Day
And found a hooker who was willing to play
They used to call him Eliot Ness
Now his life’s a complete mess
As everyone on Wall Street yells hooray!

Jean said...

When Spitzer rode his white horse
Everybody rushed to endorse
But oh, how in vain
And how great our pain
When he turned out to be all too coarse.