Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The O.C. Show

As Clinton prepares to withdraw from the race, her backers--apparently with her blessing--are heavily lobbying for the vice-presidential slot. Polprint has said all along that an Obama-Clinton ticket would be an impossibility, not least because Clinton would never accept it. Could Polprint be so very wrong?

Of course. But two things must be noted. First and most obviously, Clinton's blatant push for the veep slot is sure to anger many Obama fans, who accuse her of employing excessively forward--dare we say ballsy--tactics all along.

Second and more interesting: a friend of Polprint has pointed out that if Obama takes Clinton as VP, it will look like he is not in charge. Worse, it will look like he has been bullied by a strong woman, which is not the impression that a would-be commander in chief wants to project. Thus, according to this analysis, Clinton's naked bid is sure to backfire, because if Obama acquiesces, it puts him in the untenable position of looking weak.

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Beecham said...

Hey, there's an article on "Anyone but Webb" in Slate today:
it concludes, "Nominating Webb isn't worth the risk that he'll alienate important constituencies, embarrass Obama, or break with him outright, as John Nance Garner did with Franklin Roosevelt. He's trouble, and Obama's already had too much of that."
I'm really curious who Obama goes for!